Confirming my purpose to continue serving the world and spreading happiness

Hello curious readers,

Welcome to my therapeutic, liberating, transparent and crazy personal blogg again; An world full of unpredictable unique adventurous decisions and unregrettable life choices  that have made me become who I am today.

I am very proud to inform you that it has been 5 years since I started with my blogg in 2017. I recognize that this has been a very therapeutic way for me to deal with my emotions and journaling and sharing with all of you. In 2023, I will take this more seriously with more consistency, determination and dedication and I will enter a phase of professionalization of it. Probably I will add a podcast as well and my ultimate dream to become a writer step by step. I am allowing myself to dream big and I would like you to join me in this journey.

Who am I and my Why?

I am a free, rebel and happy world citizen, sociologist, humanist, humanitarian worker, integration and diversity specialist, traveller, spiritual explorer, life and well-being coach, Happiness Chief Officer, sportive, marathon runner, icebather, blogger, model, TV reality actress (Survivor and Naked atraction), dance and music passionate and a strong nature lover! And soon to be writer, podcaster, more active public speaker and social entrepreneur.

I am blessed  to be born in the Dominican and to live in Spain, Belgium and Norway among others countries. I feel very Afro-Latino on my “Feet, Body and Heart” but Scandinavian and European in my mind and by the influence of the respect of the Universal Human values and Nature

I speak 6 languages: Spanish, French, Italian, English, Norwegian and Dutch and I also have some notions in Lingala, Kiswahili, Arabic, Japanese and Portuguese. I really think that languages are the passport to open the door to a new rich world full of beautiful and diverse cultures and people.

My deepest personal project is to become a mother one day of my own biological children or most probably by adoption. I have sooo much love to give. I surrender to it 🙏

What i can offer???

The “Happy-iness factor-y” is the name of my my new project. It is  beautiful mix of all my experiences, passions, qualities and talents i have gained the last amazing 43 years.  My mission/ purpose in life is to spread happiness and empower people in many creative ways guided by unconditional love and authentic passion.

I am able to provide you with a holistic coaching session in all areas of your life where I will your guide but all the answers will be giving by yourself.  I am also willing to offer you personal training  and advice about how to find your physical well-being by adopting a new lifestyle, habits and rituals. My techniques HIIT, climbing,  jogging, Icebathing, scream therapy, photography,  dance, fasting,meditation,  self love, nature, traveling healthy variated diet and i promise  you a lot of energy, fun, determination and dedication. It is possible to offer you a package where you can surrender and trust me though the whole process. We will discover together, one by one, ot in group the beautiful traveling opportunity in  Norway and around the World.  Curious?? Contact me now

Yes, I define myself as a “Tropical storm” warming up Norway and the World. My role is to destroy negativity,  fear and discomfort in order to clean and create a colorful exploration of chaos to create positive social/ spiritual/ physical changes and infinite expression of love energy every day and every where I go. The goal is to liberate yourself to finally let your unique light shine strongly as never before. Are you ready for the challenge???

Inspirations and purpose

My biggest inspiration comes from the seven super heroes women of my life, my adoptive family  and the power eruption from the resilience,  love and positive of the most vulnerable and needed people  I have been working with/for and learning from. Your are all my biggest gratitude inspiration  and source  of energy.

The main mission of creating this Blog is to write for/about myself and to share my professional, personal, spiritual and life experiences with you. I also would like to share my trips to discover the world and its beautiful colours and people. The main idea is to support you and  share with  my tips to help you to understand yourself and let you know that you are not alone. We are human with our struggles, disappointments, happiness, fears and passions that is what make us unique.

This also give me the opportunity to search for ways (arts, trips, personal development, photo, sports, coaching, dance, music,) to answer to our many essential questions and get in touch with humans in its more pure way. It’s also the chance to start my personal spiritual journey” and find “my mission/ purpose” in life to contribute somehow to empower people, acknowledge and give the ctoold to the voiceless to allow them to also contribute to be their own  actors to make a better World.

I would like to spread the “virus of love and happiness”, and also be able to share and show you my deep emotions, fears, feelings, thoughts, and my vulnerability. Most of all to feel free to just be MYSELF. It is why you will see me naked in every possible way. I am transparent, no needing to hide nothing to you. I hope that is OK for YOU.

What I love to do

  • I love Blogging but still learning, but I have always been passionate about writing, reading and sharing knowledge with others around the world.
  • I am a happy, curious and positive person. I am mainly passionate about people and their roles in life. I am also passionate about life and its challenges, especially if it make me feel alive and bring me wisdom and freedom.
  • I am also IN LOVE WITH THE FEELING OF BEING IN LOVE with people and Life itself. My energy reservoir is my own unconditional self love self respect  and  dedication to my projects, goal and inmense Dreams.
  • I love dancing, hiking, practising yoga, reading, writing and blogging, going to concerts and festival of any kind of music…
  • I also practice various sports: volleyball, climbing, squash, snowboard, jogging, Zumba instructor, fitness…
  • Running marathons is my new thing since 2018. I have run 3 marathon  and more to come
  • I love travelling, meeting people from all over the world, learning languages …
  • I love cooking and of course eating mainly discovering and experiencing new tastes and customs during my trips.

It is time to liberate yourself now!!!!

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me!

Carpediem ❤

Just do it
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